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By Laura

Have you heard about how to hide text paragraphs in a Word file? You may have not known that Word is integrated with a function of hiding some text paragraphs that you do not want other people to read them.

In Word documents, you sometimes do not want other people to see and read something. Thus, how to hide those text paragraphs? The following article from betdownload.com will instruct you about these tips.

How to hide text paragraphs in Word:

Step 1: Firstly, you blacken an entire part of document that you want to hide, right click and select Font tab...in the displayed list of options.

Step 2: When Font dialogue box occurs, click and select Hidden box in Effects and click OK to complete.

When needing to display the hidden text paragraphs, you perform following steps:

Select the entire document which contains a paragraph or some paragraphs which have been hidden (Ctrl + A), right click on them and select Font… At this time, the Font dialogue box will change slightly – the box before Hidden word will have green color and have no tick.

Double click the box before Hidden word to remove the tick as well as its color, finally click OK to display the paragraphs which have been hidden before.

Hiding/displaying document in Word is a small but useful tip which helps you protect your secrets in case your computer at home or at office is used by many people.


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