Word - How to create a digital signature in a text file

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You want those who use your text file to know who is the owner of the file, or your copyright. Let’s use the signature function in Word.

Have you known how to create digital signature in Word? This is a way for you to determine your copyright for important documents in the internet. Betdownload.com will guide you to do this.

Word - How to create a digital signature in a text file

Step 1: (1) Go to Insert → (2) Signature Line

Step 2: the dialog box displays → OK.

Step 3: Fill information in the Sign dialog box.

- After that → OK.

- The result after setting up information.

Step 4: Double click on signature → Click OK in the dialog box that appears.

Step 5: Type your signature in the text box or insert signature image into text by clicking Select Image ...

Step 6: Click Change ... in the Sign dialog box.

Step 7: Select the certificate in your computer → OK.

Step 8: Click Sign to complete the process.

- The result is shown as below.

After the operation is done, you will get a signed document to identify your copyright. When others read your document, they will know who its author is. In addition, to manipulate Word documents, you can efficiently take a look at other articles such as how to create page numbers in Word documents, how to Insert text box in Word, ect in Betdownload.com

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create a digital signature in Word


insert a digital signature in word


how to create a digital signature in Word document


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