Word - How to insert Chart in Word

By Helen Nguyen

Sometimes you want show statistic, calculation, a summary, ect obtained in the research process, however you do not know how to express it clearly, you should present it by charts and graphs.

Word gives you a tool to create diagrams with various shapes for your requirements. If you have not known how to  us this tool, please follow this instruction.

Word - How to insert Chart in Word

For data tables

1. Insert Charts in Word 2003

Step 1: Open the word. (1) Insert → (2) Picture → (3) Chart

Step 2: Word 2003 will automatically insert a default chart type in word.

- Enter data in the chart.

- After that, close the table. The result of my example is:

- After that, to go back and edit your word file, click in the white area outside the chart. If you want to go back and edit the data in the chart, just double-click on the chart.

- Also you can edit the chart type instead of the default Column of Word 2003, right-click on the chart → Chart Type.

- Then select the desired chart type in the Chart Type window.

2. Insert Chart In Word 2007

Step 1: Open the word. (1) Insert → (2) Chart

Step 2: (1) Column → (2) → Clustered Column (3) OK.

Step 3: An excel sheet containing data will appear

- Enter data for the data table.

- Close the excel file. The result is:

- If you want to edit the chart data, simply double-click on the chart to open the Excel file containing the data.

- To change the chart type, right-click on the chart → Change Chart Type

- And select the desired chart type in the Change Chart Type.

3. Insert charts in Word 2010 and 2013 (do the same in Word 2007)

Creating charts in Excel is quite familiar with user, with this article you will know more about how to insert charts in Word with simple steps above.

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